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Caring in the comfort of home

Home Hospice

In Home Euthanasia

It is not easy to watch our beloved friends grow old. They have been close family members through all of the good times and bad. In some cases they are the most consistent thing we know. It is an emotional time and communication can be very difficult. The decision to choose hospice effects the whole family, and as many members as possible are encouraged to participate in the initial consult. During that first meeting, a variety of care options will be discussed so that a personalized plan can be formed that is acceptable to all involved. Goals and expectations vary widely, depending on the disease, and change frequently as your pet's health declines.  For some, a peaceful, natural death is the end result, for others euthanasia will be chosen once suffering can not be reasonably managed. These are very personal decisions and I hope to be able to provide enough information to your family so that you make the right decision for you and your pet. The button below will take you to a page with online help pages and local support contacts. 

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